Country Mile Cabin

Country Mile cabin is a renovation project located just outside of Davis, WV. The cabin is situated on the mountainside overlooking the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge. After renovations, the asset is now a part of the vacation rental portfolio. The Wealthrise vacation rental model takes advantage of the Airbnb market. 

Investment Trajectory 


This asset is incorporated into the long term buy-and-hold strategy. Exit opportunities will be explored once targeted investment metrics have been realized.


Reasons for Investment


1. Location: Country Mile Cabin is situated just outside of the small town of Davis, WV. Davis is known to boast tourists from across the East Coast. The cabin is located 5 miles from two major ski resorts and sits on the fringe of a National Wildlife Refuge.


2. Income-generating: Country Mile Cabin is occupied 90% of the month, year round. This provides income above and beyond what was forecasted in the Wealthrise investment assessments.


3. Attractive Yield: Although investment metrics are disclosed, Country Mile Cabin offers an attractive return on investment. 



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